• Hydrogen uptake in Mg-Pd thin films

Munkhsaikhan Gonchigsuren*, Sangaa Deleg


The article is focused on the study of the possibility to reduce the binding energy of hydride formation by alloying metal magnesium with transition metal palladium. Hydrogen uptake in Mg-Pd films, with composition ranging from Mg0.95Pd0.05 to Mg0.5Pd0.5 was investigated by in-situ resistance measurements. From the measurements p-∆R-T a number of isotherms showing the enthalpy change were drawn. The data was then compared with the bulk values for MgH2 and PdH0.6. As a result, the authors were bound to conclude that the enthalpy change or the binding energy of hydride formation was reduced from -0.77 eV/H2 to -0.65-0.5 eV/H2.

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