M. M. SOLOMON, Prof. Dr. Hegazy Mohamed Zaher, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Naglaa Ragaa Saeid


Solving multi-objective optimization problem in manufacturing field normally includes variety of challenges. It is important to maximize profit, improve quality of a product mean while reduce losses and cost. This trade-off plays a multiple role in solving many manufacturing optimization problems. The Chocoman Company USA produces varieties of chocolate bars, candy and wafer by means of raw materials. The decision maker has a fuzzy goal such as objective functions and the objective of this company is to maximize the five objective functions with eight variables. The formulation of this problem resulted in five functions to be optimized based twenty nine constraints to be satisfied. This is typical fuzzy multi-objective linear programming problem. This problem occurs in production planning management where by a decision maker plays an important role in making decision in a fuzzy goal environment. As an analyst, we try to find a good enough solution for the decision maker to satisfy his goals. Many methods attempted to solve this problem without considering the decision maker has a fuzzy goal. In this paper, we provide a fuzzy multi-objective linear programming method to solve the chocolate production system problem.


multi-objective optimization, fuzzy goal, Chocolate Production System, fuzzy multi-objective linear programming fuzzy Decision.

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