Dr. Tanvir Prince*


Teaching Calculus course in a community college is very challenging. There are many difficulties that the instructor needs to overcome to teach this course effectively and smoothly. Being a teacher of Calculus in Hostos community college for several semesters, I gathered various experience and teaching pedagogy which works very effectively for me. The pedagogy that will be described in this paper involved pre-lecture video concept based on “youtube” videos. I showed how this technique helped me in my class to increase class participation. I compare two sections of Calculus I which is taught in a regular way without any intervention and two sections of Calculus I which is taught using this pedagogy of pre-lecture videos. The measurement is taken using 20 questions which were fixed in all four sections. For each of these questions, the class participation is measured using the number of students raised their hands. The detailed is listed in the article. This method also has some byproduct benefits which I also discussed in some detail toward the end of the paper.

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