Bagheri, Hadi*, Hoseyni, Seyed Mostafa, Karimi, Amir


Man-power is the most crucial resource of an organization. All organizations with each duty should allocate a sizeable budget, time and plan for training individuals in various aspects. In-service training is a systematic effort that leads to coordinate and set ambitious, interests and following desires of people with needs and goals of organizations according to people’s expectations. It seems that operating such plans have great impact on improving employee’s operation in an organization. The study is going to investigate the influence of in-service training on employee’s operation in Azad Mashhad University. The study is applied and from gathering data point of view is survey. The population of the study is all employee of Azad Mashhad University in 1390 who under the training of in-service training (485 employees).The same size according to Morgan table is 208 and the method of sampling is probability.in the research questionnaire exploited to gather information. The questionnaire was made by the research and the reliability that was tested according to expert’s opinions and the validity of that was examined by chronback Alpha. In order to analyzing data kolomogroph and Smirnoff was exploited for testing the normality of variable and also t-student student was used for sample. Moreover, freedom test was used for testing hypotheses of the research. For analyzing S P SS/PS++ (ver 16.0) is used. The findings reveal that in-service training has positive impact on operation of employees.


training, in-service training, operation, Azad Mashhad University.

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