• Identifying A Certain Class Of Distributions Using Some Recurrence Relations

Ali A. A-Rahman*


In this paper, three recurrence relations for a certain class of probability distributions are presented. The first one is a recurrence relation between conditional moments of h(X) given X < y. The second is the relationship between the moments E( ( )), E( ( )) and E( ( )), where is the order statistic from a sample of size n. The last one is the relationship between the conditional moments E( ( )| <t) and E( ( )| <t). Some results concerning exponentiated Weibull, modified Weibull, exponentiated Pareto, inverse Weibull, inverse Rayleigh, linear failure rate distribution, Burr, power and uniform distributions are obtained as special cases.


Characterization, right truncated moments, order statistics, recurrence relations, exponentiated Weibull, expnentiated Pareto, modified Weibull, inverse Weibull, inverse Rayleigh, linear failure rate, Burr, Power, beta, uniform distributions.

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